Window and Door Options Explained

With all the modernizing of windows and doors to better combat the elements and keep our homes and families safe, it can be daunting to try to stay on top of everything. CGI Windows and Doors is staying on the very edge of development to get you the safest, most durable and most energy efficient options available.

We have included information to better your window education. We break down the many modern options for you, so you get a better understanding of what you want, what you are getting and, most importantly, how these advancements will  keep you and your family safe, while helping you save money, too.


OX and XO Operation Explained Hook Bolt Lock Explained
Concealed Balance System Explained Quad Roller System Explained
Egress Locks Explained Roto Operators Explained
Muntins Explained Insulated Laminated Glass Explained
Standard Glass Colors Explained LoE 366 Explained
Ogee Glazing Bead Trim Explained Finishes Explained
Super-View Screen Mesh Explained