Glass & Mirror Table Tops

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We provide custom table tops of any shape and size; pick it up in at our workshop or have it delivered and installed. We are usually able to cut your glass in our professional workshop or, in some cases, send it to the factory for precision machining of the glass to meet your needs.

Some of the table tops and features available include:

  • Table protectors
  • Heavy glass tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Dining room tables
  • Protecting delicate wood with a thin layer of glass, perfectly shaped to the table
  • Circular tables
  • Custom patterned table tops cut to any shape
  • Table top delivery
  • Cleaning and protective finishes
  • Many custom beveling and edge treatments

A thickness of ¼” is perfect as a protective table top cover where the glass is resting on top of a table. This is a perfect layer of protection for your delicate table top or can be an added touch of shine for any room.

If you are using the glass as the table top itself, then the following guidelines will be helpful:

  • 3/8” thickness is suitable for table tops that are unsupported, which is to say, the glass is the table top and is not resting on another table top.
  • 1/2'” thickness provides a more luxury appearance to the table.

For any of these glass thicknesses, beveling the corners of the edges is always an option.

Please call us at 239-591-8118, email us or send us a message and we can set up an appointment with one of our custom mirror experts. We are happy to serve you in your custom mirror needs. Delivery and instillation of your new custom mirrors is, of course, available.

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