CGI Product Warranty

CGI Product  Warranty

In a nutshell, CGI will warranty all parts of their product from manufacturer's defects for a certain time. We will inspect the product prior to handing it to you to check for any defects in order to protect you, the people we are serving. We take your satisfaction very seriously and will stand by you to help hold CGI to their word. We are on your side.

That being said, there is a reason we only sell CGI products. CGI only makes high quality products with a high degree of effective quality control. It is our experience that they are big enough to handle all our needs yet small enough to be hungry for the business. In short, they really care, and it shows.

Here is the link to their official warranty, and the all-important product registration form. We will print a copy of these two pages for you, and hand them off on the day of the delivery or, for orders over $25,000, when we drive out to inspect the windows that were delivered directly from CGI.

Here's the link: CGI Manufacturer's Warranty