Sentinel by CGI


Sentinel Windows and Doors are manufactured and backed by CGI. Founded in 1992, CGI is an original pioneer in the design and manufacture of high performance, high quality impact hurricane resistant windows and doors. CGI’s reputation for building high quality windows and doors makes CGI’s products a preferred choice of architects, developers, builders and homeowners alike.

Sentinel’s complete line of aluminum windows and doors are custom manufactured to enhance the aesthetics of every architectural style while delivering superior protection from the most extreme weather conditions.

Selecting Sentinel as your window and door choice is also a smart investment for the following reasons:

  • Sentinel impact resistant products increase the resale value of your property
  • Sentinel impact products will almost always lower your property insurance premiums
  • Sentinel’s aluminum construction allows for some of the strongest hurricane protection available
  • Sentinel is priced to be accessible for even the most thrifty of shoppers
  • Sentinel uses only stainless steel fasteners to secure your windows, eliminating the oxidation and decay associated with cheaper options
  • All CGI products, including Sentinel, use Super-View see-through screen material providing clearer and less obstructed views. These screens are constructed using a sturdy extruded frame design
  • Sentinel aluminum frame extrusions are up to 33% thicker providing superior strength to their frames
  • Sentinel includes triple weatherstripping at the sill to create superior energy efficient air and water infiltration protection
  • Sentinel features hidden balances for a cleaner and neater look (in most sizes)
  • 3/4" to 1" Insulated Laminated hurricane impact resistant glass
  • LoE 366 glass coating to reflect heat back outside

Combine the advantages of impact protection with energy savings with an eye for affordability, and you will come up with Sentinel windows and doors. Save on your heating and cooling bill by taking advantage of the LoE 366 glass coating to reflect heat back outside and the insulated laminated heat strengthened glass to insulate your home or business. These high performance glass options are perfect energy conscious.

Easy Retrofit

Sentinel is custom manufactured to exact sizes within our wide range of design parameters which reduces on-site construction costs and time-consuming hassles. In addition, Sentinel’s frame depth is designed for both new construction and replacement applications resulting in faster, easier and less intrusive installations. Improve the value, energy efficiency and aesthetics of your property by selecting Sentinel windows and doors.