Sentinel, Aluminum Horizontal Slider Window

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Horizontal Rolling Aluminum Window
Series 120

The Sentinel Horizontal Rolling impact window is a value-priced offering that has been designed with many quality features including a nylon roller with stainless steel ball bearings that glides on a nylon track, multiple points of weatherstripping and stainless steel fasteners.

Sentinel 120 Horizontal Rolling Window Installation Instructions


Available Finishes

Standard Glass Colors

Glass type

Glass Coating

Standard Hardware

Standard Features

  • Two panel configurations OX, XO
  • Flush design
  • Double weatherstripping and weeped sill
  • 2 1/2” deep frame
  • Extruded snap-on square glazing beads
  • Strong structural glazing
  • Concealed jamb anchor cover
  • (3) #10-1 1/4” stainless steel fasteners per corner
  • Extruded screen frame with Super-View™ fiberglass mesh

Optional items

  • Sash interlock rail mounted sweep lock
  • Flange, fin & equal leg frame options
  • Muntin bars

(Some of the optional items, particularly the muntin bars, are very detail-oriented and cannot be handled appropriately through a web store. Because of this, any options you might want should be discussed with your personal window consultant. We want to make this perfect for you, and sometimes there just is no substitute for a human voice.)

Maximum Water Resistance       12 PSF
Small and Large Missile        54″ x 77″ Ann/Ann +60 PSF/ -60 PSF
54″ x 77″  HS/HS +70 PSF/ -75 PSF
Forced Entry Test (ASTM F588):   Passed


Energy Values
(NFRC Approved)

1″ Insulated Laminated Clear LoE 366    

 9 PSF

U Factor