Our Philosophy

Why We Do What We Do

Why LoE 366 and Insulated glass?

You may notice that some of your options are limited when you buy from us, and you deserve an explanation. We truthfully and honestly would not install windows in our homes that do not have the LoE 366 glass coatings or insulated panes.

This is because these features not only meet all of Southwest Florida’s energy efficiency building codes, but they also help pay for the windows and doors over the years in lower electrical costs. We like to think in terms of, “How would I advise my sister, mother, father or other family member?” And the answer is, “You gotta have LoE 366 and insulated glass. It really is THAT important.”

Besides putting money in your wallet every month, using less energy is also the responsible thing to do.


Why do we only support CGI products?

This answer can be controversial, especially to those feel a loyalty to their brands. We feel CGI is big enough to handle all our needs, yet small enough so that they are still hungry to do a great job. This comes out in their quality control and customer service, two things you should never have to do without.